NOw PHP 5.6.0RC1 Is Available

The PHP development group declares the immediate accessibility to the first launch candidate of PHP 5.6. As we joined the function lock up with beta1, this is a bugfix-only launch. All user of PHP are motivated to analyze this edition properly, and review any bugs in the bug tracking system.

For more information abut the new feature you can check out their documentation or read NEWS file.



For source downloads of PHP 5.6.0RC1 please visit the download page. Windows binaries can be found on is the leading Web Development Services provider.

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PHP 5.6.0 beta4 Released

The PHP group declares the immediate accessibility to PHP 5.6.0beta4. This is a bugfix-only release as we entered the feature freeze with beta1. All users of PHP are motivated to analyze and test this edition properly, and review any bug in the bug tracking system.

The beta phase is formally shut with this launch. A number of RCs are to be predicted,until we are assured that the release is constant enough for the ultimate launch or final release. For that, we really need your help in examining and confirming any problems that you experience.

For source downloads of PHP 5.6.0beta4 please visit the download page. Windows binaries can be found on

Atechnocrat is the best Web Development Services provider.

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How Quality Content Ranked Without Any links

Matt Cutts has depicted that How Quality Content can be rank in Google without having many links.He said that for this you have to go to pre-google days when search engine work without links because it is hard to be on top without linking but Matt Cutts said that for understanding this you have to go to Pre-Google days.

Watch The video Of Matt Cutts

He said that you need to judge your content on the basis of words; he add that Google also use a factor to watch the value of domains itself but that brings in links.Without links Google look at the quality of content on the particular page.
Atechnocrat Provides best SEO Content Writing for your site in genuine cost with quality.

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What Will Be The Impact If You Put Same Anchor Text In Two different Keywords


Today I am going to share the most asking question that what will be the impact if a particular page has same anchor text in two different keyword ?
The answer of this question you will find in this video; so watch this video carefully and learn new ideas regarding SEO Services.

So, Now you are able to conclude that what should you do whenyou put same anchor text in two different link.Atechnocrat is the best company for providing result oriented SEO Services.

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Yii PHP Framework

Yii is best for those site which are web2.0 programs based; basically Yii is high performance based PHP Structure. Yii is combine with lot of features like I18N/L10N,DAO/ActiveRecord, MVC, role-based access control, caching, authentication, testing, scaffolding and many more. It can minimize substantially your development time.

Yii Has Many Features and Some Of Them Are :-

It is Fast :-Yii has most powerful caching support. It loads only those features which you need. It is clearly developed to work effectively with AJAX.

It is Secure :-Yii security includes SQL injection, Cross-site scripting prevention, validation of input, filtering in output; security is come as the standard of Yii.yii php

It is Highly Professional :-From the help of Yii you can create thoroughly clean and reusable code. From the use of MVC pattern it ensure that there is a separation between logic and presentation.

So these are the most innovative features of Yii. Yii is basically a PHP framework and as the best IT service provider we are always here to provide you our best Web Development Services.
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Google Panda 4.0

Google has released on 21 May 2012 a new panda update;Google’s Matt Cutts told that this Panda 4.0 update impacts ~7.5% of English queries. This started moving out and is irrelevant to the Google Spam Algorithm 2.0 released over the end of the weekend and not related to anything Penguin.Panda 4.0

The panda algorithm is here to boost great quality and push down those site which have low quality content sites in search results; this algorithm target scraper site and site which have low quality content in order to serve their user the best search query result.This algorithm has caused some some waves in search results. Panda 4.0 is also hitting spammy queries.Panda-4.0

In our next post we will discuss about what we need to consider to overcome from this Google Panda 4.0.We are as the best SEO Services Provider offer you best services with best result in cost effective range.

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Adaptive Designs And Responsive Designs

Responsive web design is the best solution to make your site work at low resolution. In nowadays a website should be low resolution for opening at smartphone,medium resolution for opening at tablet or high resolution opening at desktop. Responsive web design is the process of creating a web page on small,large and medium screen. Adaptive designs are same as responsive design but in this designing patter changes are made into server side rather than client side.

Adaptive Web Design

When you design your web page with the help of adaptive web design then the work is getting easy. You simply design one layout and then develop it before Responsive design is being initiated. Now we design for multiple viewports and then develop all of them. It is easy to start at low resolution. Adaptive Web Designing is to define as that particular method of designing which are more focus on the users, not the web browser and it is all about the browser features. With development of optimal user experience which are depend on various devices adaptive design is concerned with responsive design. It is about developing an optimal user experience regardless of which device you use.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is about layout,hierarchy and best reading experience it is all about browser size. Responsive Web design is the strategy that indicates that style ,development and design should react to the person’s behavior and environment based on monitor or screen size and platform. Responsive Web Design is the practice includes a mix of versatile layouts, pictures and an brilliant use of CSS queries.

Responsive vs Adaptive Layouts

As we know that Responsive Designs are better than Adaptive layouts but in some particular cases Adaptive Layout works better than Responsive Design. If you want to do everything very smoothly then designers and developers have to work together.

We are as the best Web Design Services provider offer our client their best designing solution in cost effective range with our  best facilities.

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Website Designing Trend Of 2014

In the previous year there are so many trends which also work today. In the year of 2014 we will see what kind of latest and new designs are coming toward us.

Font (Typography) is Non boring :-

Web designers have started to find some different kind of fonts to make special effect on their site. It add some kind of uniqueness into your site.

Flat design

The new trend is running in the market with the release of iOS7 and those design named as Flat Design. Flat design are being used to make beautiful and unique interfaces but it does not apply to all the sites.

Put Videos in place of text

If you have movie to watch for understanding the subject and services of a particular site then why you waste your time in reading the text. In this time creating a video becomes so easier and sharable not only in the site but also in the social networking site. Video is an effective way to present your services in better way where words do not do their work well.

Site Which have Long Scroller

Some years ago there was a very common thing to have a long site which have long scroller too but in nowadays the same website designing strategy is follow but now the contents are more organized. With scrolling through a web page for study and learning purpose we are comfortable with it, and now with websites using more style methods such as improved white-colored area and responsive web design, long scrolling websites are beginning to appear again.

Simple color plan

Wed design is incomplete if we are not use the vibrant colors in it. We have seen that there are so many websites which have simple color schemes. Colors make your website garnish attention.

Images should Be manipulated

Throwing old image or same image into your site is very easy but it is very difficult to manipulate it and do something different. In this year we are going to watch blurred images,color overlays etc.webdesign trend

Simplified content

We all know that 2013 was the year of content in fact a phrase become very popular that “Content Is King” and in 2014 it is all matters a lot. Here simplified means brief bursts of content. Over the years , our interest covers have become smaller, so designers have recoup for that by placing content in brief jolts instead of lengthy stories. Except blog post these days on website characters are inserted more than 250 because I is easier for users to read.

Drop the sidebar

Many website are use to drop the side bar in the Web Deign Services and this allow for more impact in visual basis and also impact with content.

Excessive focus on mobile

Sites which are easily open on mobile phone named as Responsive Design. Web designers are keep working to make their site mobile friendly. the sites social media buttons, email subscriber and fast loading are the some most important factors that make your responsive site more friendlier.

So these are the important factors which you need to keep in mind before you going to make our site. As the best website design company we serve our best website deigning services in cost effective ranges. SO many SEO experts say that effective web design can impact your SEO Services and helps to make your website on the top of Google.

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Two Popular Myths About Google

Today I am come with the topic of some recent popular myth about SEO. You can watch this video and get knowledge about these two myths of SEO. Watch this…..

As you seen in the video Google’s Head of Search Spam Matt Cutts clear the myths of Search Engine Optimization.

The first one is :-

Google states not to alter the search results to make more money
According to Matt Cutts, buying or not buying Google AdWords ads has no positive or negative impact on the rankings of your website. He also says that Google does not make changes to the organic algorithms to encourage people to buy ads.
The declaration of Matt Cutts i.e. Given the point that Google’s outcome often only display paid ads in the visible area of the search results (i.e. you have to search to see the regular results); this statement of Cutts is not fully true.

And the second one is :-

There is no key way to show on the top of search results
According to Matt Cutts that there is a pattern which he see on the Search Engine Optimization Forums; Someone indicates a particular technique will cause to higher positions on Search engines and then everyone follows.
He says that someone who discovered a loophole would not publish it in forum. Instead, he would manipulate it to make as much money of it as possible..

So Now Your myths has cleared and now you can more focus on your SEO Services strategies. We have the best SEO experts who always keep there eyes on Google and according to their algorithm we make our strategy.

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New Avatar Of Atechnocrat

Atechnocrat : A name of Perfect and ideal It solution. From some days our team are working to Atechnocrat’s Official site. Because nowadays the more you different and elegant the more you get success; so based on that theme we were got ready for new era. The era of intelligence and elegance.

When you open our site you got something new and different in designing; our designers are creative and they know how to mix up colors and make astonishing look. In the upper of site we put menu bar through which you can directly go to our main pages and read about our products and services. Our navigation are based on Top Heavy Algorithm in which your site should be light weighted; its loading time is very minimal and of course your site do not so may ads. You got in problem if your site have no to little content showing above the fold. So, We follow that particular algorithm in designing of Atechnocrat.

This should be our new site designing criteria.Stechnocrat

See this video to get more info about Page Ads Navigation.

In the service category you got the all information about our services which are:-

  1. Website Design
  2. Website Development
  4. Web Hosting
  5. Open Source Development etc.

Our services are of effective kind and give you best service facility. We have team which are categorize into part by part that means for designing purpose we have creative designers, for development we have team of intelligence and In SEO we have top SEO expert who has got success in online marketing; for knowing our projects just visit our Portfolio; in short we have all the team of expert who handle your project very well.

Now we comes to our plan; Our plan are divided mainly into four section

  1. Website Design Plan
  2. Website Development Plan
  3. Website maintenance Plan
  4. SEO/SMO Standard Plan

When you follow the links which are redirect to that particular page where you can got detailed information about our service plan and choose any plan according to your budget and your need. We always there for you to offer our flawless working solution.

Screenshot of our website design; You can View this through directly visit to my site from here…(Atechnocrat)AtechnocratAtechnocrat-second

So Just look at our site and share your though that what you think about this site and ; give us suggestion that what should we do to get more effectiveness.

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